Palouse Photography

All pics courtesy and property of The Grocer's Wife (Vicki McLeod). 
All rights reserved. 

Titles and dates correspond to blog posts accessible via 
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Summer's end 8.27.2016

Field notes 8.25.2016

Fields of change 8.1.2016

Words of wisdom 6.23.2016

Walk it off 11.13.2015

Around the bend 11.1.2015

The show has begun 10.2.2015

Quick Takes: The view from the road 7.16.2015

Field day 6.5.2015

Quick Takes: Saturday on The Palouse

Hard to beat, indeed

It's all in how you look at it 3.31.2015

If you can't beat them, join them 3.1.2015

February in Palouse 2.15.2015

October eves 10.25.2014

Quick Takes: Arb in transition 9.21.2014

Changing seasons 9.21.2014

Fair and football on The Palouse 9.5.2014

August days 8.14.2014

Mid-summer views on The Palouse 7.20.2014

Canola fields 7.5.2014

The colors of June 6.18.2014

Butterfly advice 5.7.2014

Favorite places 4.25.2014

Anticipation 3.22.2014

Sure signs 3.8.2014

Enjoy 2.23.2014

Punxsutawney Phil and the power of looking forward 2.2.2014

Beautiful Sunday 1.5.2014

From our town to yours 12.25.2013

Autumn's vivid hues 10.11.2013

Waning days of summer 8.30.2013

Harvest time: views from the highway 8.17.2013

And August begins 8.1.2013

Quick Takes: Mid-summer on the Palouse 7.14.2013

Quick Takes: Colorfulllll at the Arb 7.10.2013

Let's take a field trip...Steptoe Butte 6.28.2013

A sea of green 6.14.2013

Every day's a good day at Kamiak 5.8.2013

Quick Takes: SPRING HAS SPRUNG in Palouse 4.26.2013

Nature's anxiety fix 4.19.2013

Come in close 4.11.2013

Quick Takes: Spring Arb and beautiful words 4.2.2013

Quick Takes: On the road to Kamiak Butte 3.15.2013

The best thing one can do 3.7.2013


Here comes the sun 2.21.2013

Welcome indeed 2.6.2013

50 shades of 'grey' 1.26.2013

The still of winter 12.30.2012

Quick Takes: Christmas lights 12.6.2012

Thank you 11.11.2012

Fleeting fall 11.8.2012

Goodbye October, hellooooo November 11.1.2012

I can't help myself 10.16.2012

Take a walk 9.28.2012

September Arb 9.20.2012

Welcome to PALOUSE DAYS 2012 9.14.2012

Kamiak September 9.8.2012

Amber waves of grain 8.26.2012

Triple-play 8.17.2012 8.1.2012

Evening dance 7.21.2012

Planting seeds 7.16.2012

Summer skies 7.9.2012

 Even I have my favorites 6.29.2012

Quick Takes: First day of summer 6.20.2012

The Palouse in June 6.17.2012

Every cloud has a silver lining 5.25.2012

Time to dream 5.18.2012

Coming up pretty 4.20.2012

Quick Takes: Close-ups at the Arb 4.15.2012

Palouse greens 3.17.2012

You never know what you're gonna get 3.4.2012

Six more weeks of winter? 2.6.2012

It is January, after all 1.18.2012

Frosty Palouse 12.15.2011

Sunday on The Palouse 11.20.2011

My 'Fall Must-Do List' 11.16.2011

Sometimes, it's the little things 11.5.2011

Savoring the mellow time 10.21.2011

Quick Takes: fall's coming to the Arb (part two) 10.19.2011

Quick Takes: fall's coming to the Arb 10.7.2011

A hint of autumn on Kamiak Butte 9.21.2011

Ten years later 9.11.2011

Quick Takes: chhh chhh changes 8.15.2011

No complaints here 7.21.2011

Shadows 7.13.2011

Summer's off and running 7.6.2011

Happy 4th of July from Palouse! 7.4.2011

Quick Takes...June fields 6.28.2011

Preserving a piece of history 6.23.2011

First day of summer in Palouse 6.21.2011

Skies meant for dreaming 6.13.2011

Gentlemen...start your engines 6.6.2011

Quick Takes...Bill Chipman Palouse Trail 6.3.2011

Thank you for your service 5.21.2011 (Palouse)

Beautiful soil 5.14.2011 (WA-27)

Being wrong is great 5.10.2011 (Lewiston)

On your marks 5.3.2011

It was THAT good 4.26.2011 (UI Arboretum)

First spring hike on Kamiak Butte 4.16.2011 

Color the Palouse 4.11.2011 (WA-27)

Ugly weather pretty places 4.6.2011 (WA-27)

Do you see what I see? 3.25.2011 (WA-27)

A quiet walk 3.14.2011 (UI Arboretum)

Let's take a field trip 3.1.2011 (Winchester Lake)

Cabin fever 2.23.2011 (Steptoe Butte)

Wild winter skies 2.19.2011

Manic Monday 2.14.2011 (near Kamiak Butte)

Sunset on The Palouse 2.2.2011

Let's take a field trip 1.28.2011 (UI Arboretum)

10 reasons to love life in a small town 1.24.2011 (Palouse)

A perfect winter day 1.21.2011 (Palouse Cove Rd)

Baby it's cold outside 1.12.2011 (Kamiak Butte)