Sunday, September 21, 2014

Changing seasons...

"There is nothing permanent except change." --Heraclitus
I took this photo of the old John Deere a few weeks ago near the grounds of the Palouse Empire Fair, about 20 miles from our town of Palouse. Our market lies in the heart of farming country and echoes of its past dot the landscape all around, reminding us how everything changes.

Fair-time is one of the telltale signs that summer is about to give way to fall here. A constant rhythm of life on The Palouse, changing seasons are also an inescapable part of our lives as well, and there's something so captivating about those who learn to embrace them. 

Some of our most interesting customers at the market are some of our oldest customers. Palouse seems to produce some incredible longevity in folks. They have learned life's hard lessons and are comfortable in their skin in a way that I envy. Like the old John Deere above, they've come to wear their changing seasons well. 

Tomorrow marks the day summer officially yields to fall. So, here's to change, wherever it finds you.

-The Grocer's Wife