Monday, February 17, 2014

Even presidents get hungry...

It's a blustery Presidents' Day in Palouse, which, if you're like me, can make you hungry.

And so, on this the day in which we honor our presidents, and in light of the fact that McLeod's Palouse Market is--as our masthead above indicates--a grocery thing, I thought it only appropriate to do a little research into what the esteemed leaders of our country enjoyed indulging in when their stomachs were rumbling. 

Now, most folks know of Ronald Reagan's fondness for jelly beans, or Bill Clinton's affinity for cheeseburgers, but Food & Wine put out a fun little slideshow of Presidential Food Obsessions that included some I'd never heard of before.

Here are some of my favorites (click HERE to see the full list): 

Richard Nixon found cottage cheese and ketchup delightful. 

Apparently, George H.W. Bush loved fried pork rinds with Tabasco sauce. 

Andrew Jackson had a penchant for cheddar cheese, while Abraham Lincoln loved his mother's gingerbread. 

Theodore Roosevelt is said to have loved fried chicken covered in white gravy (no worries about cholesterol back then). 

And, John Adams is purported to have indulged in hard cider before breakfast. Wow.

So, if you want to celebrate Presidents' Day in style, a little cottage cheese, pork rinds, and gingerbread might just be the ticket (or not)…

Happy Presidents' Day!

-The Grocer's WIfe