Monday, December 16, 2013

Customer Appreciation SALE Saturday 5pm-7pm!

When we started our annual Customer Appreciation Sale a few years ago, our goal was to come up with a SIMPLE way for you, our customers, to save on the things that YOU want to save on for the holidays.

So, this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, from 5pm-7pm, if you spend $50-$100, you get 15% off! And, if you spend over $100, you get 20% off

Here are a few examples:

Spend $50 - Save 15% ($7.50) - pay $42.50!
Spend $75 – Save 15% ($11.25) - pay $63.75!

It gets BETTER!
Spend $100 – Save 20% ($20) – pay $80!
Spend $150 – Save 20% ($30) – pay $120!

And, the BEST part is, it doesn’t matter what you buy! YOU PICK!

You could buy GROCERIES for your holiday dinner, sure! But, you could also buy WINE, CHOCOLATE (oh yeah!), PELLETS, PET FOOD. . . ANYTHING!!!

Along with savings, enjoy refreshments and door prizes (Movie Night Gift Basket, Holiday Breakfast Basket, Itty Bitty Baby Basket, as well as give-a-ways for the kids)!

And, by the way, when you get to the checkstand, we won’t ask you for your zip code, club card, email address, or phone number. YAY!!!

(All sales are subject to applicable sales taxes.)

Hope to see you SATURDAY!
-The Grocer’s Wife