Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's take a field trip...Steptoe Butte

You know how in some families the kids look nothing alike? Well, that's Kamiak Butte and its sister-butte, SteptoeKamaik is woodsy and hike-able; Steptoe, more barren but drive-able. Still, like the siblings who look nothing alike, they share certain traits. In this case: KILLER VIEWS! 

Steptoe has an other-worldly quality.

As the sun and shadows move across the landscape, it feels alive.

Every direction, every view, has different nuances. 

In the evening change happens quickly, almost imperceptibly. Light shifts and the sun begins to go down.

All the crazy equipment takes on a transformer-esque feel.

While droves of photographers (on this evening, several groups dotted the butte) prepare to capture the perfect sunset pic, others (me) were preoccupied capturing the photo of the people taking the photos of the perfect sunset. 

But I still had time to catch this.

Hope you make it to Steptoe this summer!
-The Grocer's Wife

PS - If you go, the drive from Palouse is at least 45 minutes. There are a couple of ways to get there so check out a map (online or old-school). Enjoy!