Saturday, January 26, 2013

'50 shades of grey'...

You know you're from the Northwest when '50 shades of grey' makes you think of January weather instead of the best-selling book.

While I actually enjoy winter, I do struggle to stay motivated and get things done. I slip into hibernation-mode after the holidays and starting anything new feels like it takes infinitely more effort than I can muster (case in point: my lack of recent blog posts).

Knowing my diminished initiative this time of year, I have a go-to mental list of little tasks that always make me feel better (even if I just tackle one). If you too struggle with hibernation-mode, try giving this a whirl...


1. Clean out clothes (closet/drawers).
2. Clean out the kitchen pantry.
3. De-clutter the bathroom cabinet(s).
4. Pare down last year's magazines.

Last but not least...start counting down to spring. 
It'll be here before we know it ;)
-The Grocer's Wife