Saturday, January 26, 2013

'50 shades of grey'...

You know you're from the Northwest when '50 shades of grey' makes you think of January weather instead of the best-selling book.

While I actually enjoy winter, I do struggle to stay motivated and get things done. I slip into hibernation-mode after the holidays and starting anything new feels like it takes infinitely more effort than I can muster (case in point: my lack of recent blog posts).

Knowing my diminished initiative this time of year, I have a go-to mental list of little tasks that always make me feel better (even if I just tackle one). If you too struggle with hibernation-mode, try giving this a whirl...


1. Clean out clothes (closet/drawers).
2. Clean out the kitchen pantry.
3. De-clutter the bathroom cabinet(s).
4. Pare down last year's magazines.

Last but not least...start counting down to spring. 
It'll be here before we know it ;)
-The Grocer's Wife

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Love is all you need?

They say love is all you need, but I say a little caffeine and chocolate can't hurt, either ;). 

See NEW ITEMS for a peek at all our new Valentine's goodies!
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-The Grocer's Wife

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013...and the blog turns '2' !

2013, can it be? 

Two years ago today, the blog was born! How time does fly! 

Though I wouldn't dub it a resolution, my mantra for 2012 that I plan to carry into 2013 is: “Good enough is good enough.” 

And you know what I’m starting to realize? It really is

The blog has played a key role in teaching me that over the past few years. And while I struggle marrying that idea with my (a-tad-on-the-obsessive) personality tendencies, I am working on it. 

For me, the holidays present the perfect challenge. 

I don’t know about you, but I march into each November with a Master Christmas List a mile long of things I want to do that year: elaborate baking, sending heartfelt Christmas cards with handwritten notes, contacting long-lost friends and extended family far away . . . the list goes on and on.

But then, it always happens: life.

November begins to slip by with breakneck speed and I begin to panic at the thought that time is literally running out with little ticked off my list. 

Yet, you know what I’ve found? The world does not fall off its axis whether you do a little or a lot for the holidays. 

Last year, The Grocer and I had a particularly busy November/December and I don’t think I baked even a single cookie, but we still had a great time on Christmas day. With little in the way of a a typical celebration, we got out in the snow and spent the day together, and it was ~ for us ~ just right.

This year was much more festive.

It marked the first year in many that we had kids with us for Christmas and that was So. Much. Fun!! We did more holiday baking (though still didn't complete our wish list). Christmas dinner morphed into a much-abbreviated version of what I initially had in mind which, ironically, left time to actually enjoy the day. Imagine that.

And, while I did manage to tick several coveted items off my 2012 Master Christmas List several more went by the wayside, as time ran out.

Still, in the end, it was perfectly wonderful.

Good enough is indeed good enough.  

Sometimes, in fact, I think it’s even better ;)

Happy New Year! 
-The Grocer’s Wife
(Thanks for sticking with me for two years!)