Sunday, December 30, 2012

The still of winter...

I love the still of winter on The Palouse. 

There is always a sense of stillness in every season here, but in winter it's particularly acute. In truth, though, it wasn't until I lived in the midst of it that I truly began to appreciate its value. 

Prior to purchasing the market and moving to Palouse in 2008, The Grocer and I had lived most of our married life near or surrounded by mountains and forest. I remember in years past when we'd drive through the surrounding area. I'd look out over the vast expanse of fields and feel a bit vulnerable in the wide open spaces. I didn't know if I liked it, or not. But, now? 

Now, I crave the uncluttered spaces found here. I find their simplicity soothing and therapeutic. Against the constant drag on the senses of modern life, the stillness of The Palouse offers quiet and peaceful serenity. 

Walt Whitman said it like this: "Simplicity is the glory of expression." 

And, The Palouse is one simply beautiful place.

Wishing you a bit of winter's stillness.

-The Grocer's Wife