Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life is beautiful 2.0...

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind in our world. The Grocer and I went from having one sweet and perfect grandboy (Life is beautiful) to having two sweet and perfect grandboys. 

Twice the love. 
Twice the cuteness. 
Twice the indescribable joy.

Times like this always make me think of one of my all-time favorite movies, Elizabethtown. Kirsten Dunst played the free-spirited yet insightful Claire Colburn. Throughout the film Claire would reach up, form an imaginary camera with her fingers and click - mimic 'saving a moment in time' by snapping a mental photo.

Several times over the past few weeks, I've wanted to do just that – save a moment in time in my mind so that—like a snapshot—I could look back and recall every tiny, vivid detail.

Sometimes you see a movie at a time in your life that resonates so deeply with your own experiences it becomes a part of your history, almost in a strange way like real events.

In 2005 when Elizabethtown came out in theaters, I had no idea that the story centered around the father's untimely death. With someone that I loved losing a battle to illness, I nearly left the theater as the plot began to unfold, but the characters drew me in and I stayed.

In the weeks to follow I couldn't get the movie out of my mind, and I saw it a time or two more, ultimately buying it when it came out on video. I've watched it countless times through the years because the intertwined storylines are so relatable: the challenges of navigating extended-family personalities and circumstances; moving on following great loss or abject failure; and finding joy amidst sadness. Universal experiences, I'd say.

As for my favorite character, Claire Colburn, she reminds us of the importance of 'saving moments in time' by etching them in our memory like snapshots - snapshots that tell the stories of our lives.  

Over the past few weeks the story of our life here has been a beautiful one. Hope yours has been one to remember, too.

-The Grocer's Wife