Friday, June 29, 2012

Even I have my favorites...

While much of the country has baked, burned, and scalded in record-breaking heat, we here in the Northwest have experienced a cooler-than-normal few months. Now, I know plenty of folks in Palouse and on The Palouse who would ardently disagree, but I have LOVED this cool start to summer.

I've acknowledged before that I am a spring/fall girl. I don't do well in the extremes. But, still I must admit there are things that even I (a bona fide example of skin-so-pale-it-could-burst-into-flames-when-the-temperature-breaches-75) look forward to, and even enjoy, about the 'season which shall not be named.'

So in an effort to reach across the aisle to the heat seekers out there, here are a few of the things that even I love about this season:
  1. Palouse fields: Our town is surrounded by the most incredible green Palouse fields which turn into the most incredible gold fields in the blink of an eye. They are insanely beautiful.
  2. Iced coffee: I've rarely met a coffee I didn't like. But iced white coffee is my new weakness, and I only drink it when it's warm out. Now, if you like your java with a bit of a dessert twist, may I suggest an espresso shake – WOW!
  3. Summer events in Palouse: Our town comes to life in the summer. From the Hot Rod Show the first of June to Palouse Days in mid-September, there are so many wonderful events to attend in our town. See them HERE or HERE. There's not a bad one in the bunch!
  4. Melons: A little silly, I know, but seriously don't you love a great watermelon or cantaloupe? Nothing like it when the weather's hot.
  5. The beach: Our favorite family spot is quite a drive away, but I gotta admit that when we make it there, even I enjoy soaking up the sun (smothered in suncreen, of course ;) 
Reluctantly enjoying the warmer weather.
-The Grocer's Wife