Thursday, May 3, 2012


twins Fern (closest) and Jennifer
lost their mom but are doing just great as bottle babies
It's spring in Palouse and that means lamb time! Last May in my Counting Sheep post, I had a great time learning a bit about our local Gar-Pal (Garfield-Palouse) 4-H/FFA, some of the the kids who participate, and of course, the sheep. So this year, I couldn't wait to meet a few of the new additions. 

so ridiculously...


milk on the chin (Fern) and a little on the face (Jennifer)

front to back: The Fonz (aka Fonzie - more on that later), Nelly, and Jennifer

Nelly (mom to twins Charlie and Fonzie)


handsome, no?

Not sure why I'm drawn to taking pics of lambs' backsides, but they just
crack (no pun intended) me up!

Front to back: twins Charlie and Fonzie (who my friend, Libby, named after The Fonz from Happy Days "for his outrageously hilarious and perfect parted hair when he was born" which, she explains, "swirled upward" in signature Fonz-style).

Fern (like her half-brother Champ from last year) liked the camera

Fern with a little spring in her step

Jennifer and Clove getting their frolic on

Charlie bringing up the rear

seeing double (l to r): Jennifer and Fern

and finally, nap-time
Little Bo Peep has nothing on these guys! 
-The Grocer's Wife