Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marshmallow memories...

I wanted to send a quick shout-out to our son, who today turns 26!

I don't know how that can be. In my mind, it was just yesterday that he looked exactly like this picture.

That Mickey shirt was his favorite. He always wore it with OshKosh jeans and red high-top sneakers.

When I see him in a picture in that shirt, it makes me tear up. It's a mom-glitch, I think. I'm guessing other moms can relate. There's just something about that moment in time that is so etched in my psyche that I can almost feel him snuggled up in my lap and hear his soft little voice.

That little fella was the sweetest little boy, ever. Sensitive and kind-hearted, he had the gentlest soul imaginable.

Best of all, he grew up into a young man more wonderful than we could've even hoped for.

He is fearless (in all the best ways). He loves and embraces every moment in life so fully and enjoys it so completely, I look at him and just wish I could be like that.

That adorable little fella is now over six feet tall, a soldier, married to an amazing girl, and they are about to have their first baby (our first grandson!).

You can bet that The Grocer and I will be dusting off our marshmallow-roasting skills again, very soon.

Happy Birthday, son. We love you.  

And, Happy Weekend everyone! 
Hope yours is filled with wonderful memories.

-The Grocer's Wife