Sunday, March 4, 2012

You never know what you're gonna get...

Remember the words of wisdom from Forrest Gump's momma: 
Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.
Well, that pretty much sums up March on The Palouse. 

Weather is altogether unpredictable this time of year. Not just by the day, sometimes hour-to-hour and even minute-to-minute. Like a teenage girl trying to decide what to wear, all bets are off until she steps outside. And, even then, she could bolt back in and change.

Last Saturday, we had snow with near-whiteout conditions, road closures, and multi-car pileups. Today (Sunday) we broke 50 degrees! 

I hadn't been to the Arb (University of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden) since fall and with no guarantee that a blizzard won't roll in tomorrow, I high-tailed it there as fast as I could.  

Here's a little of what I found: 

I love the Arb.

I love Forrest Gump.

And, when it comes to chocolate...I love it ALL.

Hope March is shaping up wherever you call home.

-The Grocer's Wife