Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sure signs of spring...

While the past few days have been inCREDibly blustery and cold in Palouse, there's no denying that change is on the way. I suspect most folks have a mental list of their own 'signs of spring'. Here's mine:

  • The lovely little feathered friend (pictured above) that I spotted hopping around behind the market early Wednesday evening. Its bright red chest shone like a spotlight against the drab winter backdrop. 
  • Attending the spring buying show (coming up in early March), where The Grocer and I pre-order not spring but fall, Halloween, and--yes--Christmas items. Confusing? Incredibly. But, turkey pre-orders for Thanksgiving went in weeks ago. Such is the grocery life.
  • Valentine's candy out. Easter candy IN.
  • A little more daylight every day. Did you know Daylight Saving Time begins March 11 this year? That's only a few weeks away!
  • Though it should be a sign of summer, since the big box stores move the swimsuits out to replace the winter coats, I can't help but associate their arrival with spring. Am I the only one who can't imagine trying on a swimsuit in the dead of winter? Yeek.
  • The hankering to grow something. In my case, this should be avoided at all costs, as I have the ability to kill even a plastic potted plant. Not even kidding.   

Here's to Spring Fever!
-The Grocer's Wife