Saturday, December 10, 2011

Down memory lane...

So last night after the market closed, I was looking at the Coca-Cola Santa on top of the Dasani water cooler (sorry for the blurry pic - it was dark in the store) and that got me thinking about how just yesterday our kids were little enough to sit on Santa's lap and get their photos taken. 

Then, I realized just yesterday was actually more than 20 years ago! 


How did two decades slip by in an instant? 

How old are we now, anyway?!? 

Once I got over my shock took a deep breath and wiped my tears (editorial dramatization), I broke out the Christmas decorations and there they were! Aren't Santa pics just the best :)

As you can see in this first pic, our daughter was not happy at all...not ONE BIT happy. I think our son was just scared, not of Santa but of his sister. Is it me, or is Santa laughing?

Things were going much better in this one, although I never could figure out why Santa was sporting the clown make-up. A little creepy if you ask me. The kids though - angelic, no?

This Santa wins the "Best Overall Santa" award. Looks authentic. Looks age-appropriate. And, best of clown make-up. Thank you, Santa. Thank you for restoring my faith. And, the kids? I know I'm biased, but seriously - these kids are cuuuute!

Wishing you Happy Santa Pics!
-The Grocer's Wife