Thursday, December 29, 2011

The un-resolution resolution...

That's me (with my telltale blue glasses) and my fam, circa 1970-ish.

As the last few days of 2011 wind down, my thoughts turn to what lies ahead in the new year. 

In my younger days, I often did the resolution thing vowing to “lose ten pounds"..."give up diet soda"..."be more outgoing" (like that's going to happen – once the painfully-shy-girl-with-blue-glassesalways the painfully-shy-girl-with-blue-glasses). 

And, while I'd enter January with my newfound goals and gusto, it never took more than a few weeks (sometimes days) before real life squashed my resolve to bits and I'd end up feeling like I blew it again.

These days, I avoid the resolution road.

I still try to work on things, be-a-better-me and all, but I'm just trying not to beat myself up so much when the progress I make can be measured in inches instead of miles.

I think it's safe to say that at just shy of 45, I'm probably never going to find myself suddenly the life of the party. That's just not me. I'll probably always struggle with anxiety in crowds, see myself as socially a bit awkward, and be most comfortable when I can communicate via the written word (like here) versus talking out loud. 

So instead of constantly being frustrated at 'that girl' who just can't seem to change, this year I'm making an 'un-resolution resolution' and I'm trying to accept that maybe she's okay just the way she is.

And, if that doesn't work...I really do need to cut back on my diet soda ;)
-The Grocer's Wife

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Takes: All is calm, all is bright...

As the only day of the year the market closes, Christmas Day is much-anticipated at our house. As much as we love our business, you can imagine that 'all is calm, all is bright'...takes on a whole new meaning ;) 

The ornaments on this little tree are my favorites. 

The pink, plastic monkey came home with The Grocer in kindergarten. The little red stocking with my name embroidered on it was a party favor from a crafty room-mother who made one for every child in my grade-school class that year. And, best of all - the collection of handmade ornaments that our now-grown-and-married-kids made back when they were just little tykes. Though their Popsicle sticks, glitter, paint, and pipe cleaners are getting a bit worn, they are in a word: priceless.

From our home to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas! I hope 'all is calm, all is bright' for you, too.

 -The Grocer's Wife

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Join us for holiday fun Friday night at the market!

It's the holiday season at the market! And, Friday, December 23rd, we want to thank our wonderful customers! Stop by between 5pm-7pm for special savings: 15% off any order $50-$100 and 20% off any order $100 or more! Along with the savings, there'll be refreshments (cookies, punch & coffee), a little music (falala-and-the-like courtesy of a little holiday Sirius satellite radio) and four (that's 4) fun door prizes (see the loot below)!! 

'The Baker's Basket' contains:
gingerbread mix, frosting, cookie cutters, and three kinds of sprinkles

 'The Man Basket' contains:
Gillette ProGlide Power Razor, Old Spice body wash, and Matador Beef Jerky

(One)  'Hello Kitty Pez' special edition set in pink lunchbox

(One) 'Sport Racing Champion Car Set' six cars in the set

You'll be able to enter to win any one or ALL four door prizes! 

You could do your last-minute food shopping in Moscow or Pullman...OR, you could come down to the market and have fun instead! 

Hope you join us!
-The Grocer's Wife

Monday, December 19, 2011


On Saturday, our community said good-bye to one of its true pillars. Bob West was a longtime grocer in Palouse, a dear and loyal customer of our market, and someone we truly felt honored to call a friend.

One of the best things about owning a small town market is that you get an opportunity to really get to know many of your customers and their families.

In just the three years we've been here, we've seen babies become toddlers and toddlers start school. We've seen teenagers graduate high school and go off to college. And, we've seen grown kids move back to start families of their own. Marriages and anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, we watch their lives unfold. And, because of this, one of the toughest things is saying good-bye when one is lost.

Bob was one of the first folks that left a vivid impression on us when we arrived in Palouse in the fall of 2008.

He enjoyed talking shop with Jeff and still had the gleam in his eye of one who not only knew this business intimately, but truly loved it. He'd marvel at how much things have changed, all the while grinning knowingly at how, on many levels, they were very much still the same.

Grocers share a unique lifestyle, and that common experience seems to foster a natural affinity between them. A business with a tendency to permeate every aspect of one's life, finding balance is often a challenge.

Bob was an example of one who had succeeded.

A grocer for more than four decades in this community, he had lived it. Bob survived it. And, not only did he survive it, he still loved it years after he retired. He was a success not just in business, but in his marriage, family, and community as well. That made Bob a rock star to Jeff and someone he deeply respected and admired.

I like to imagine that there's a special place in heaven for grocers.

It's a place where the shelves are always full and faced, the produce fresh, the meat pristine, the store is always profitable, cases never go down, and nothing ever goes out-of-date. The only responsibility these grocers have is to visit with their customers. And, best of all – their feet never hurt again.

We'll miss you, Bob.
-Vicki & Jeff

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frosty Palouse...

This past weekend in Palouse was frosty...the kind of frost that blankets everything in its magical, icy, crystal grip. 

Behind the market, the river donned its winter cloak.

Main Street slipped into a frost-bitten silence.

And, prickly ice thorns coated the trees and bushes.

It was a cold, tranquil, arctic-ish delight.

P.S. I'm not sure what it says about my photography skills--or lack thereof--when my favorite shot (the one above - I like the awkward perspective) is the one I took accidentally when I first stepped outside and my camera slipped out of my hand. (Trying not to get a complex about that.)

Attempting to hone my skills (and hang onto my camera).
-The Grocer's Wife

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Down memory lane...

So last night after the market closed, I was looking at the Coca-Cola Santa on top of the Dasani water cooler (sorry for the blurry pic - it was dark in the store) and that got me thinking about how just yesterday our kids were little enough to sit on Santa's lap and get their photos taken. 

Then, I realized just yesterday was actually more than 20 years ago! 


How did two decades slip by in an instant? 

How old are we now, anyway?!? 

Once I got over my shock took a deep breath and wiped my tears (editorial dramatization), I broke out the Christmas decorations and there they were! Aren't Santa pics just the best :)

As you can see in this first pic, our daughter was not happy at all...not ONE BIT happy. I think our son was just scared, not of Santa but of his sister. Is it me, or is Santa laughing?

Things were going much better in this one, although I never could figure out why Santa was sporting the clown make-up. A little creepy if you ask me. The kids though - angelic, no?

This Santa wins the "Best Overall Santa" award. Looks authentic. Looks age-appropriate. And, best of clown make-up. Thank you, Santa. Thank you for restoring my faith. And, the kids? I know I'm biased, but seriously - these kids are cuuuute!

Wishing you Happy Santa Pics!
-The Grocer's Wife

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

One of my favorite things about owning the market is getting to order holiday and seasonal items.

Because seasonal items are ordered months ahead, when they actually arrive you can pretty much guarantee you've forgotten 95 percent of what you picked. That makes seasonal freight-days feel like Christmas morning!

The last two Friday freight-days, I've added a boatload of fun new holiday items to the New Items tab above. But, I also thought I'd share of few of my favorites. All of my picks are $12 or under as I'm a firm believer that gift-giving doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Favorite hostess/teacher/no-brainer gift - These large jar candles have the quintessential smells of Christmas. Just $5.99:

Favorite girls' gift - This adorable tea set with service for four. With its little tray and toast, any little girl would love it. Just $11.99 (and it's plastic so even the littlest girls can enjoy):

Favorite boys' gift - All the fun of a water-gun but propels foam missiles instead. Boasting that they launch up to 25 feet, this has 'little boy' written all over it. Just $8.99:

Favorite gift for the little ones - Choose from Elmo, Dora, Thomas, or Cars...this set contains three books and sound strip for just $10.99 (batteries included - yay!):

Favorite family gift - This game certainly has been popular already. At just $7.99, it's a great group pick:

Favorite stocking stuffer for Mom - I love this little metal French-inspired clock. It's petite size and scale make it a perfect choice for desktop, powder-room, or even tucked in a bookshelf. Sooo cute and only $3.99!:

Favorite stocking stuffer for Dad - One Size Traction Cleats. While I haven't tried these, I want to. With a quick and easy Velcro strap, they're just $8.99 (unisex too so not JUST for dad):

With three weeks to go, the countdown to Christmas has begun! Be sure and check out our holiday New Items. You might be surprised what you'll find at our market!

Let the countdown begin!
-The Grocer's Wife 
p.s. Quantities are limited on seasonal items. Once they sell out, we can't get them back in.