Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday on The Palouse...

So even though I've tried to hang on to the last vestiges of fall, the weather on The Palouse has been marching decidedly toward winter. This is what it looked like Sunday on The Palouse. It's pretty. I admit it. It's actually really pretty. But, I still wish the seasons lined up with the calendar. How I'd love a fall that lasted from September 20(ish) to December 20(ish). 

A girl can dream, can't she? ;)

Don't forget, Thanksgiving's just a few days away! We've got what you need at the market. Let us help you set your holiday table. 

And, for your last minute needs, we're open 8am-2pm Thanksgiving Day!

-The Grocer's Wife
p.s. Be sure and check out the 20 new holiday items just added to the New Items tab at the top of the blog, or just click HERE to see. There's a little something fun for everyone!