Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some things never change...

As I've admitted before on the blog, as a child I was the painfully shy girl with blue glassesBeyond the normal case of quiet and reserved, I was the type of kid most comfortable playing alone with just my imaginary friends to keep me company. 

I spent hours on end creating characters to populate my imaginary scenarios. And, while I had my share of barbies and various dolls, from time to time I liked to bring 'outsiders' into my circle of play. 

I don't recall when I decided that our Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottle (she was glass then) should join my doll family, but once she did, she was a mainstay. She epitomized the warm, matronly figure that didn't exist in the fashionista world of Barbie and friends.

I loved my 'Mrs. Butterworth's doll' and although she wasn't exactly built for Barbie's perfectly proportioned figure and form-fitting clothes, I still managed to fashion a shawl or an apron or a skirt out of some of Barbie's castoffs. Mrs. Butterworth never scoffed at hand-me-downs. She just smiled her all-comforting, all-knowing grin. And, when the other dolls were arguing over Ken, or fighting over who got to wear the prettiest dress, Mrs. Butterworth was fictitiously baking cookies, or perhaps knitting a scarf. 

Aw, the memories.

Now, you can only imagine my sheer and utter delight when, in one of our recent Friday freight-loads, we received the shipper of holiday Mrs. Butterworth's at the market! 

Sporting distinct Christmas garb, I grabbed them one by one and examined their adorably festive outfits. The painfully shy girl with blue glasses would've definitely wanted them ALL!

I guess some things never change ;)
-The Grocer's Wife

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