Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years later...

There are rare moments in our collective history wherein all Americans share together the triumph or tragedy of the moment. September 11, 2001, we shared collective tragedy. 

Ten years later, the images still sting. Grief still haunts the soul. And the ache to turn back the hands of time--to the days before life as we knew it changed irreparably--linger. 

But, even in the most horrific of tragedy, evil is NOT triumphant. Rising above the stories of inconceivable pain and loss are the stories of unimaginable courage, strength, and grace:

Witnessed in the first responders and firefighters who ran toward the crumbling towers as throngs of terrified people fled...confirmed by the heroic souls on United Airlines Flight 93, who willingly and courageously laid down their lives for the lives of their brothers...and affirmed still today by the countless everyday Americans who--in quiet ways behind the scenes--continue to give of themselves to their fellow Americans who are suffering...

Ten years ago today amidst unthinkable pain, we witnessed firsthand the indomitable American spirit. Ten years later, that spirit lives on.

-The Grocer's Wife