Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not your average mom-n-pop produce...

We may be a small market, but our produce department is BIG on variety! Here are just a few of the items filling our rack this weekend (and thanks to Mitch's touch, we're standing tall)!

For the apple-lover in your house, try the new crop Ginger Gold apples (pictured above). 

Pre-booked by The Grocer weeks ago to deliver to the market as soon as they hit the warehouse, these seedless green grapes are just $1.19 per pound! Get them while they last!

Got a hankering for a new summer taste? The elusive yellow watermelon is a hit with kids of all ages. 

Summer isn't just for peaches...don't forget the nectarines. Equally sweet: less fuzzy.

If a full-size watermelon is too much for you, these personal-mini-seedless are just the ticket.

A breakfast favorite - you can't go wrong with grapefruit.

Don't let the season slip by without a little corn-on-the-cob! It's a summertime staple!

The perfect addition to your fruit salad or smoothie - kiwi adds a touch of fun.

School's starting and need a lunch-box fruit? These black plums are beauties and they won't be around much longer.

New crop local Bartlett pears...the only good thing about summer ending :)

Happy Weekend!
-The Grocer's Wife