Monday, August 8, 2011

My 'Summer Must-Do List'...

Having lived most of my life in the Northwest, I'm accustomed to and love the changing seasons. And, with each season, I have a sort of mental list of things that I look forward to.

Must-dos are different than to-dos because must-dos make the list because you WANT to do them, rather than a list of tasks that you ought to do because you didn't finish them last year (critical difference ;). And, even though summer got off to a slow start here, I've already indulged in a bit of all of my can't-miss summer essentials.

Here's my 'Summer Must-Do List':

Take a day-trip to the lake (it's been a good summer – this year we've made it twice): Must bring cartoon-character beach towels that belonged to our kids, plenty of non-nutritious snacks, and sunblock strong enough to keep my anemic-toned skin from bursting into flames when the sun hits it.

Read a sentimental novel: This summer, Nicholas Sparks was my author of choice. While The Grocer always has a book in progress, I read in spurts often going months without picking up anything more than news via the Internet. When I am in the reading mood I nearly always pick non-fiction, but summer is the season for novels.

See an old-school-style summer movie flick: Must contain adventure and nostalgia all wrapped up in an out-of-the-ordinary, larger-than-life plot. Steven Spielberg's Super 8 won my pick this summer. Not an Oscar contender, but--with a big tub of buttery popcorn--highly enjoyable summer fun. 

Make memories with family: While winters here can put a damper on travel, summer is the time to get out and go. This year, we've had a truly unique opportunity to spend quality time with our daughter and son-in-law, and we're looking forward to the same with our son and daughter-in-law soon. With our lives taking us to points across the U.S., our time together is most precious and perhaps my most coveted must-do of all.

Hope you're enjoying your summer must-dos, too!
-The Grocer's Wife