Saturday, June 18, 2011

Because of dads...

Circa 1990-ish, as you can probably guess from that mustache!

Between The Grocer and I, we've had three dads in our lives, and not a one anything like the others.

His dad is what I'd call an 'artisan'. A tinkerer, endlessly curious, and innately creative, he can make or build--quite literally--most anything.

His step-dad was the 'archetypal' dad. When your car broke down or you needed a home repair, he'd come over and help you fix it. Not only did he have all the tools but also the gift of showing up just when you needed him. 

My dad was the 'preacher' and also a bit of a Renaissance Man; he could paint, write poetry and music, and fill a sanctuary with his resounding cadence.

I realize as I write this post that for each of our very different dads, I'd have to write a very different “Because of dads” list. So, instead I'm going to write it with The Grocer in mind. He also brought his unique signature to fatherhood, and that's kind of the beauty, isn't it? Dads don't have to be the same - just themselves. So, without further adieu, here's my list.

Because of The Grocer our kids have:
  • An odd familiarity with all things 'grocery': Weird, but true...growing up, it was part of their entire lives and now when I hear them use the jargon in passing, I have to laugh.
  • Memories of camp-outs: Without The Grocer, our kids would never have experienced camping (my family was not at all the outdoorsy-type).
  • A taste for huckleberries and Morel mushrooms (this goes along with camping): As you can imagine coming from a family like mine who NEVER camped, never hiked, never went in the wilderness for any reason whatsoever, the idea of picking and eating something you found in the woods was NOT even on the radar.
  • A wicked sense of humor: Now, I like to think that I have a pretty decent sense of humor, but The Grocer (though often perceived as serious and business-like) is hilarious!
  • A strong work ethic: I'm certain that if you asked our kids to name the hardest working person they know, without pause they'd answer their dad.
  • Memories from childhood like the moment captured above: My take on my job as our kids' mom was to keep them alive long enough for The Grocer to give them wings (and a little adventure thrown in for good measure). I never would've attempted those gymnastics, but when I look at that photo I can still hear their squeals of joy:)

So, to ALL of the dads out there--whichever type you are--we wish you a very Happy Father's Day! 

Have a great weekend!
-The Grocer's Wife