Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little nip and tuck...

The Grocer and I are extraordinarily lucky that our small town market is housed in a building that is fairly new (by small town grocery store standards). 

All in all, our building is in GREAT shape. But, just like a home, it needs constant and ongoing upkeep to maintain. Things wear out. They take a beating. And, in the case of our awning, it just flat-out outlived its lifespan. Fact is, it held out a few years beyond what is typically expected. 

If you look closely, you can see a repair I made a year ago wielding upholstery needle and thread following a particularly brutal windstorm. The storm left a large vertical rip straight up the awning. I never could get it completely sewn closed (the fabric was too worn), but it held on an extra year. Not bad.

So, coming into this season, we prepared to bite the bullet and get our tired awning replaced.

At the market, there's always something to be repaired or replaced, so we categorize: what 'must be fixed TODAY' - things like refrigeration and compressor problems (the ongoing scourge of grocery stores everywhere); what we'd 'like to fix' - assuming we haven't exhausted our maintenance fund on refrigeration and compressor problems (that's where the awning went); and, last but not least, 'our dream list' - what we'd fix if we won the lottery, inherited a million dollars, or if a wealthy philanthropist decided that endowing a small-town-market-revitalization-and-enhancement-fund was just exactly the type of project he or she wanted to establish.

So, last Friday, with no catastrophic compressor failures in sight (and, unfortunately no wealthy philanthropists either), the awning company came out and removed our old worn out cover and took it to create a template for a brand spanking new one. We hope to unveil it shortly! Yay!

Even markets need a little nip and tuck now and then:)

-The Grocer's Wife