Friday, April 29, 2011

Hope springs eternal...and sometimes you even get a bumper crop

In my mind, this time of year is always marked by hope and new beginnings: spring's budding foliage from winter's dormant silence, the flux of new life—everywhere you look, change is in the air.

For high school and college students, graduation is near, and, with it, decisions for the future - ever-present anxiety amidst undeniable excitement. Parents feel a tug at their hearts as their sons and daughters (little ones just moments ago) give new wings of freedom a try.

It's planting another garden even when you know you've never harvested more than a handful of tomatoes.

It's swimming lessons and learning to drive.

It's being sworn into the military, heading off to college, or taking that new job and moving far from home.

It's weddings, where new families are born. 

Yes, even the hyper-televised nuptials of William and Kate make me smile. While I scarcely can imagine their reality, when I look at them, I still see two young people embarking on a life together, and, under all the pomp and circumstance, they seem like they could be anyone's son or daughter.

So, cheers to the graduates, to the parents (just starting out...or trying to let go), to the new soldiers, and to the brides and grooms.

Though the news is filled with hard times and cynicism, in the midst of it all: it's spring! And, the beauty of each new spring means the hope of MORE than a handful of tomatoes...sometimes, you even get a bumper crop.

Happy Weekend!
-The Grocer's WIfe