Monday, March 28, 2011

What grocers do for fun...

 display building with good-natured son-in-law

They build giant towers of!

See, in the big stores, The Grocer had ample space and ample product to work with, so building giant towers of ALL kinds of products was the norm. But, in our market, we just don't carry the quantities of items necessary to build BIG displays. So, when The Grocer has a chance--with the aid of a little 'dummy'd up' center (see #10)--to build something big (like he did Friday night), he can hardly wait! And, if a good-natured son-in-law just happens to be visiting and he's willing to lend a hand - well, all the better.

back view

What can I say - It's a grocery thing:)
-The Grocer's Wife