Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring cleaning market-style...

Sunday marks the first day of spring...throw open the windows, shake off the cobwebs, and shout hallelujah!

Since a lot of folks engage in spring cleaning in their homes, I thought I'd show you what spring cleaning (of the floors) looks Let's just say it involves a very long evening (particularly for The Grocer, who frankly gets the short end of this stick). Now, bear in mind that the footprint of our market is approximately 7,000 sq. feet. Subtract the back-rooms and coolers...and you still have a big-ol'-floor!

Raring To Go: It starts with moving EVERYTHING (all of the displays, shippers, and racks) off of said big-ol'-floor. “Holy cow, there are a LOT of displays, shippers, and racks...” (That's what I'm saying in my mind, or maybe out loud – but I'm trying to keep it in my mind.)

Clean Sweep: Next, you sweep said floor. This is my task while The Grocer is trying to fire up the scrubber. (It's a little akin to raising Lazarus from the dead...and often requires a similar miracle.)

Teamwork: Now, one person (that'd be The Grocer) runs the scrubber (see photo above), while another person (that'd be me) follows behind mopping up the excess water so that said floor dries faster. (You see, our scrubber has seen a LOT of floors and let's just say it's feeling its age.)

Push Through: Once the floor is dry, The Grocer makes another full run through the market with the buffer. (The buffer, too, may require divine intervention; so, by this time, energy-for-the-task is severely waning.)

Come On - Keep Going:  By now, you're several hours into this project. And, just when you think you're finally done, you have to move EVERYTHING (all of the displays, shippers, and racks) back to where they came from. (“Holy cow, there are a LOT of displays, shippers, and racks...” - me again.)

Take Stock: At long last, you stand back and admire your work (or, in my case, you primarily admire The Grocer's work), and you try to take a mental picture because come morning you're assured a full-on rainstorm within an hour of opening, and by the time the lunch rush rolls in our floors are pretty much right back where they started before the big scrub.

I call it 'The Grocer's Law' (a close cousin to Murphy's Law), it guarantees that any time you do the floors - the nastiest, messiest, mud-inducing weather is sure to follow. You've certainly experienced the customers' version...just replace 'doing the floors' with 'washing your car'.

You get the idea:)

Happy Weekend!
-The Grocer's Wife