Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you see what I see?...

I see...GREEN. 

GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! And, not just the green inside the store.

I've been so anxious to get out and take some photos absent of snow that my quest has become a bit like the proverbial watched pot that never boils. (I have a lack-of-patience's true.)

It's just that this area comes alive in more pronounced ways than any area I've ever lived in. The town of Palouse is quite literally surrounded by some of the most beautiful and most photographed farmland to be found. Every season has such a distinct personality - it can be torture waiting for the next one. 

And, the one coming up in particular...well, it's like slipping into Alice's rabbit hole or stepping through Professor Kirke's's sheer magic.

Soon this area will draw real-deal photographers (not just folks like me) because by mid-week this week, I spotted change on the horizon...GREEN change!

Wonderful, glorious, GREEN change.

"Change in all things is sweet," said the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. And, to that sentiment, I wholeheartedly concur:)

Happy Weekend!
-The Grocer's Wife