Friday, February 4, 2011

If we didn't have the ticket stubs to prove it...

1998 street caricatures - The Grocer and me

I'm not sure what happened by the time I came around in my family; but, somehow, when the athletic prowess was divvied up, none was left for me.

Both my brothers and my sister were naturally gifted athletically.

I, on the other hand, was the painfully shy girl with blue glasses, always picked last in PE, cowering in the outfield and praying to anyone or anything who might be listening: "PLEASE don't let the ball come to me. PLEASE don't let the ball come to me. PLEASE don't let the ball come to me."

Fast forward to today - I'm still not a big sports fan.

As for The Grocer, well, I blame it on his line of work.

You see, working in grocery, you rarely, if ever, have weekends or holidays off. When everyone else is enjoying The Big Game, grocers are where they are most of the time - at the store.

Now, this isn't a plea for sympathy. But, one consequence of such a lifestyle is that you must revel in sports vicariously through others. Getting fixated on games that you're rarely going to be able to watch isn't practical. And, The Grocer is VERY practical.

So, anyway, once the two of us got together --- the painfully-shy-non-athletic-girl and the destined-to-be-lifelong-grocer --- well, we just never watched much football.

That's where we found ourselves in 1998 when (through a stroke of luck that should never befall non-sports fans) The Grocer came home to announce that he'd won an all-expense-paid trip for two to Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego, California!

"Who's playing," I inquired.

"I don't know," he admitted.

But, before we knew what hit us, we were whisked away by limousine at the airport and dropped off at a luxury hotel on the sands of Laguna Beach. If we didn't have the ticket stubs to prove it happened, to this day I'd question whether we were dreaming. It was indescribable.

We ate decadent delights from the most elaborately presented cuisine imaginable. We stayed in hotel accommodations whose taxes were more than we were used to paying for rooms. And, we watched the Denver Broncos defeat the Green Bay Packers 31-24.

proof positive

Now, some 13 years later, where will The Grocer be this Super Bowl Sunday? --- In the market, of course. And, until yesterday, neither one of us knew who was playing.

Wishing you a Happy Super Bowl!
-The Grocer's Wife