Monday, February 7, 2011

Five ideas for your valentine that won't cost a thing...

Remember Shrinky Dinks? 
The Grocer made me this one eons ago when we first met:)

  1. A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Take a walk down memory lane - peruse your old photo albums, iPhoto library, or that plastic bag in the corner (with the prints still in the envelopes). Find one that reminds you of a special moment you and your valentine shared. Photocopy or scan and print it, add a note, and leave it somewhere for your valentine to find. 
  2. USE THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: Another 'peruse' - this time your music library - MP3 files, CDs, or if you're as old as The Grocer and me...cassette tapes (gasp!). Find a song from your past that triggers a smile, pull your valentine close, and play it for him/her.
  3. TAKE YOUR BABY BY THE HAND: Grab your valentine, bundle up, and head out for a stroll. Hold hands. Talk. Laugh. Remember.
  4. THE WAY TO A MAN (OR WOMAN'S) HEART: Breakfast in bed - even if you're not a cook, warm up a pastry and nuzzle it up to a hot cup of coffee. Ahhh, nice. 
  5. REPETITION IS A GOOD THING: Say "I love you"...honestly, don't you love hearing it? Never gets old.

Crazy thing is...oftentimes, it's the 'Shrinky Dink heart' that ends up being the favorite.
-The Grocer's Wife