Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cabin fever...

Oh man, I've been suffering from an acute case these days. 

It's just such a tease outside. Some days, it looks like it's mild. It beckons you to “come out and play." And you get sucked in. You do it. Like someone who hasn't grown up in the Northwest and doesn't know better...against your sound judgment, you head outside. And then you remember - it hits you square between the eyes! 

Holy Abominable Snowman, it is NOT spring! It is still collllllllld!

That was pretty much the scene that played out for The Grocer and me last weekend. 

I convinced him to come with me to Steptoe Butte State Park, about a 40 minute jaunt from Palouse, in hopes of finding some lovely photo inspiration.

Standing a touch over 3,600 feet tall, Steptoe Butte offers stunning views of the surrounding area. And, get drive to the top. No need to even break a sweat. The downside, however, is that because you're in the heated warmth of your vehicle, you forget that it's not quite the same conditions on top of the butte as it is down at the base.

So, oblivious to what awaited us, we drove. 

We rounded the final corner.

We parked the car.

We flung the doors open.

And, we gasped!!! In unison.....we GASPED! 

The wind whipped through our hair and stung our battered our pant legs like kites and left our ungloved hands recoiled. (I admit, there may be a little literary dramatization at play here. But, there's no denying, it was COLD.)

All in all, we lasted about 15 minutes on the butte. And, most of that was in and out of the car in short spurts.

I did nab a few photos:

 It really is incredibly lovely there. And, we'll go back again...maybe in a month or two:)

-The Grocer's Wife