Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With our thanks....

Behind every market, there is a crew. Ours just happens to be a really good one;) So, today we give our team a well-deserved SHOUT-OUT!

Our market is open 364 days per year (every day but Christmas). And, while this business is The Grocer's passion--no matter how many hours he puts in--without our crew, he could never get the job done. 

You see, markets by their nature produce ample undesirable but necessary tasks. There are always floors to be swept, garbage to be collected, freight to be thrown, deep fryers to be labored over, and the list goes on and on. Our crew assists with all of that with team spirit and a good dose of humor.

But, none of that matters if we're not taking care of our customers, and that's where our crew really shines. 

Living in a small town, we have the luxury of knowing most of our customers; they are our neighbors, fellow business owners, and friends. Our crew looks out for them, but they make it a point to throw out the welcome mat to non-Palousers, too. They visit with folks. They take the time to learn names. If an item is left behind, they go out of their way to get it back to the owner. They provide a personal touch that is hard to duplicate in the mega-markets, and that personal touch is our ultimate goal.

Our crew is crucial to keeping our store running while we are there, and their presence allows us much-needed breaks to get away. 

Behind every market, there is a crew. And today, we give a SHOUT-OUT of THANKS to ours! 

-The Grocer's Wife