Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

Boy, is it. Even though our latest round of snow last night on The Palouse left the town of Palouse wetter rather than snowier, still it's c-c-cold. But, apparently we're not alone. Several news outlets are touting the fact that currently there is snow in 49 of our 50 states...including Hawaii. Florida, they note, is the lone holdout. That's pretty amazing.

But, snow in January in our neck of the surprise.
January here is typically a gray and dismal month. In my mind, it's the grayest. If it's not snowing, it's likely raining, sleeting, or drizzling. 

It's expected here. It's the norm. Still, January always feels a bit oppressive to me. The holidays are done, White Christmas wishes are packed away with the tree, yet spring still feels far too far away.

But, even in the midst of the 'January Blues' (or 'Grays' as the case may be), I'm always amazed at just how pretty it really is outside when I take the time to get out and really take a look. 

See what I mean:

But, if you still can't find the beauty in January, just remember the first day of spring is only 67 days away:) Hang in there!

-The Grocer's Wife