Monday, January 24, 2011

10 reasons to love life in a small town...

A Saturday morning in Palouse.
  1. Rush hour...what's that?
  2. A line at our post office (if you can find one) is two people deep.
  3. Every now and again, wildlife meanders right down Main Street. (The first winter The Grocer and I were here, a moose darted right through town and up the hillside across the street from the market.)
  4. We have a pool in our city park...and local kids swim FREE. (Oh yeah, and our city park...AMAZING.)
  5. You realize that you can go in every business on Main Street and find someone you know to visit with.
  6. We have Four-Wheeler Angels who get up at the crack of dawn in the dead of winter and plow the sidewalks...just because.
  7. Every single day, you see examples of what community spirit is all about.
  8. You know the mayor, police chief, postmaster, school superintendent, and the local ministers by first name.
  9. The annual summertime Pie & Ice Cream's small town life at its best.
  10. If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine what life was like in the 50s. 
Lovin' life in Palouse.
-The Grocer's Wife